Monday, 8 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Elf Yourself! Take a look... These are hilarious!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Sunny day at the beach!


Yesterday the Pukeko Team went for a leisurely walk down to one of the local beaches as part of our Education Outside the Classroom.

Thankfully the weather was beautiful and it was a lovely sunny day. We were able to enjoy some paddling in the water, looking around the rocks for sea creatures like crabs, we played some football and cricket, played on the playground, used our parachute and flew some makeshift kites... What a day!

We all had so much fun! Well done Room 16 on being super sensible all day. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Production 2014

Thank you very much for Miss Chalmers for creating this awesome slideshow of photos!

We are the World - Reremoana Production 2014 from Helen Chalmers on Vimeo.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Dancing Worms

Changing states of Matter

What you need to see dancing worms:

Baking Soda
Gummi Worms
Warm water

Today we looked at changing states of matter. We noticed that powered baking soda was the solid and when we added water it turned into a liquid. 
We let the gummi worms soak in the baking soda. Then we drained the baking soda water off the worms and we put the worms into a cup of vinegar. We then saw another change - we saw a gas appear from the fizz!


Kayley - Its going to start dancing
Hannah - They are going to wriggle
Naesha - They are going to stick together and dance together
Cherize - They are going to look like a wriggly worm
Ben - They are going to wiggle and going to jump up

What do you think is going to happen when we put the gummi worms into the vinegar?
Caleb - They are going to explode!
Shivali - The worms are going to go up
Millar - The worms are going to start dancing and jump out and start walking like humans!

We added the gummi worms and this is what we saw...

"I can see fizzing"
                   "I can see bubbles"
                                          "I can see gas coming out and it burnt my eyes"
                                                                                                    "It looks like sprite!" 

So what really happened?

The worms did not move like we expected :( They did float around a little bit, but they did not dance like we predicted! Maybe you could try this one at home with your family? Takes some pictures so we can see!!

It's fizzing!!

This is the link we used: 

Monday, 17 November 2014

We Made Butter!

Celebration this Friday - 21st of November

We are going to share our awesome video of us making butter last Friday. There will also be a few students reading their fabulous recounts.

Looking forward to seeing you all there 
- Miss G

Making Butter from Sophie Glen on Vimeo.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

How much sugar is in Coca-Cola?

Last week we talked about healthy eating. 

As part of Home Fun this week, children of Room 16 are challenged to bring in something healthy for brain food this week. Our healthy snacks have been steadily improving which is fabulous to see!

We wanted to know if Coca-Cola was a healthy drink option... What we discovered will shock you!
Look at the images below, we measured out how many teaspoons of sugar went into a can of coke, a small bottle of coke and a family sized bottle of coke. Each plastic cup contains the amount of sugar that goes into each size. As a class we were amazed at the huge amount of sugar, that can't be good for us!

Can (355 ml) = 9.5 tsp of sugar 
Small Bottle (600 ml) = 16 tsp of sugar 
Large Bottle (1.5 lt) = 40.5 tsp of sugar

Here are our super shocked looking faces...

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Floating and Sinking

Floating and sinking 

This week we read about the Gingerbread Man. When the Gingerbread man got to the river where the Fox was waiting, I had the children think about what they might be thinking using the picture below as a prompt. 
We all agreed that the Fox was thinking of a cunning plan to eat the gingerbread man and the gingerbread man simply thought the Fox was being a friend by helping him across the water.

We then discussed what would happen if the gingerbread man had to cross the river on his own... what would happen to him? We then came up with an experiment to test out our ideas using a ginger nut, a cup of water and some M&M's (these were our gingerbread mans buttons).

We learnt how to 'predict'. A lot of us predicted that the ginger nut would sink in the cup of water... but in fact it floated! It was only until we moved the cup that the ginger nut sank.

It was also very interesting to see how the colour on the M&M's came away and changed the colour of the water... We were all super shocked to see how much food colouring goes into each M&M. Not so good for our tummies!
The floating ginger nut

Here is Hannah's prediction she wrote up herself!

The ginger nut experiment

My prediction was right. I was super shocked that the ginger nut floated on the water because I thought the water was going to suck up the ginger nut biscuit and make it smaller. I thought it would disintegrate.

By Hannah Dunn