Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Waiting for the Vet!

We are really enjoying reading poetry in Room 16.

Our favourite poem at the moment is "Waiting for the Vet"... here is Naesha and Riki being our poetry pointers for the afternoon!

We've come to see the Vet,
We're waiting in the queue,
a rabbit with a swollen jaw,
a dog with something wrong with his PAW,
a cat whose tummy's very sore,
All waiting for the Vet.

We're waiting for the Vet
To come and make things better,
a parrot with a broken BEAK,
a mouse that's gone and lost its squeak,
a snake that's feeling very weak,
All waiting for the Vet.

We're waiting for her skills,
Injections, splints and pills,
She's strong and sure and very WISE,
She's got the right look in her EYES,
She might just help us
and that's why...

We're waiting for the Vet.

Here are some reasons why we should read poetry:

  • It's fun!
  • We can explore new and interesting words
  • When we read aloud, poetry is often filled with a rhythm and a beat
  • Provides enjoyment for speaking and listening
  • We learn about language features that are often helpful with learning to spell and word recognition
  • Poetry lets us imagine
  • Helps us to develop memory


  1. How exciting being the poetry pointers!! Learning is soo much fun

  2. Seren loves practicing poems!!!