Wednesday, 16 April 2014

And that's a wrap!

What a wet and windy end to Term 1 at Reremoana School!

We have made an amazing start to the year, our term has been filled with lots of learning and laughter!

Room 16 has had a lot of fun over the last few weeks:

- With inquiry we have made bird feeders.
Taste testing ANZAC biscuits made by Miss Glen and learning about ANZAC day from a retired soldier from the RSA.
- The year 7/8 camp bake sale, yum!
- Mufti day, Super Hero themed day to fundraise and raise awareness for Sean Standing Clark. Reremoana raised over $500 to go to the Child Cancer Foundation.

S for Super hero and Sean! 

Friday, 11 April 2014

End of term

Due to the end of term stock take, readers will only be sent home on Monday of Week 11. Please return any readers that you might have around the house this week.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Bird Feeders!

Bird Feeders!

As part of our technology and inquiry unit, in room 16 we have identified that there is a problem - that there are no trees for the birds to live in and nest at Reremoana School. With the housing development happening across the road, the birds have begun to migrate over to our school... But there is no where for them to perch. 
We initially thought that trees would be the best solution, however trees are expensive and they take a long time to grow. We came to the solution that bird feeders would be a great way to encourage the wildlife into our school where they could perch and have a nibble of some seeds. 
Today we designed four different bird feeders that we could potentially make. 
We plan to make these bird feeders in week 10 to showcase these in week 11.

Please start to bring in any of the following if you have these lying around at home:
(Please do not go out and buy anything special)

- Drink bottles/Coke bottles
- Empty jars (plastic please)
- Old Cd's
- Toilet roll inners
- Wooden spoons
- Plastic spoons
- Chop sticks
- String