Sunday, 15 June 2014

Harakeke Putiputi

On Friday, Room 16 learnt how to make flax flowers also known as harakeke putiputi in Maori. Below Coraleigh is showing us how to make these awesome flowers!

We learnt a lot about the tikianga (protocol) for using flax. 

Did you know that...

  • Before cutting the flax, a prayer of thanks may be said.
  • You should not cut the leaves in the center of the flax, instead cut the outer leaves by cutting in a downward motion as close to the base of the leaf as possible.
  • Flax should not be cut at night or in the rain or snow and only enough flax is cut to complete the project
  • The cut flax is not stepped on or over and food and drink are kept away from the weaving area. Hands are washed after weaving and before eating.
  • Weaving projects that have been started are finished and the first weaving project a person completes is given away.


  1. Very interesting facts. Thanks for sharing. Ashleigh was super excited about making flax flowers

  2. Your flax flowers are lovely Coraleigh.

    from seren