Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Revolting Recipes!

We are learning how to: Write a revolting ingredients!

Today in Room 16 we created some REVOLTING Recipes for our writing. 
This was inspired by Road Dahl's Completing Revolting Recipes and other tasty treats book. 

We used our imagination and pretended that our green and yellow jelly, lollies and chocolate chips were revolting ingredients like slimy goo, wriggly worms and gritty gravel. We all came up with some revolting ingredients ideas!

We then wrote up our ingredients and directions for making our revolting recipe.


  1. Ashley and Sophie that writing is beautiful. Good job.

    from seren

  2. Millar said "he loved eating the lollies"
    Looks like lots of fun writing your revolting recipes Room 16.

  3. I like jelly. I like lollies. I like chocolate chips all in a revolting resipe. Love from Hannah.

  4. Yummy revolting recipes said Seren :-)

  5. I love revolting recipes because they are tasty. It was really yummy. From Caleb Botting

  6. That was fun making the revolting recipes because it was fun making the story and I liked making up the name of the recipe on the top of the paper - Ashleigh Hermitte

  7. I loved making the revolting recipes. They tasted yummy!