Sunday, 31 August 2014

Counting Back Strategy!

Movie on 1-09-14 at 9.26 AM from Sophie Glen on Vimeo.

Here is another strategy - counting back! This is similar to the counting on strategy, however this time you are subtracting (taking away). Note: We get caught out when we track on our fingers and start on the number we are counting instead of the next number. Well done to my special helpers! What great mathematicians.

Maths: Helping At Home!

Counting On Strategy from Sophie Glen on Vimeo.
Here is a quick and easy game you can play at home with your children. This is a strategy we work on at school when adding and subtracting numbers. We are learning to decide which is the biggest number - put that number in our head and count on or back using our fingers to track the numbers. In our homefun this week there are instructions on how you too can play this easy card game. We certainly loved being videoed today...:)

Friday, 29 August 2014

Poetry Recitation - Week 7

Poetry Recitation is happening this week! 

Students in Room 16 will be sharing their poems on Thursday 4th, at 2.10pm. Everyone is welcome!

Here are some tips to try at home:

  • Re-read your poem, read each line slowly and repeat
  • Record yourself reciting your poem, play it back so you can see what you need to improve on
  • Practise eye contact with an audience 
  • Try including hand gestures or actions
  • Change the tone in your voice and pronounce your words properly

But most importantly... have fun!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Consider Your Choices

Consider Your Choices




We have be learning how to consider our choices at school. In order to do this we must - Stop, Think and Act.

This allows us to assess the situation, calm down and make a rational decision on what to do next.

This week we made traffic lights to remind us that we must consider our choices everyday.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Pukeko Team Celebration - This Friday!

Our Pukeko Team Celebration is this Friday the 22nd of August!

We look forward to any parents, friends and family who are able to come along and support us :) 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Celebrating our success with Room 10

On Friday Room 10 joined our class to celebrate our wonderful successes this term.

We really enjoyed having Room 10 into share their celebration books with us, and we shared our self portraits and "Be Respectful" writing.

Room 16 had great fun sharing their work and making new friends!