Sunday, 16 November 2014

How much sugar is in Coca-Cola?

Last week we talked about healthy eating. 

As part of Home Fun this week, children of Room 16 are challenged to bring in something healthy for brain food this week. Our healthy snacks have been steadily improving which is fabulous to see!

We wanted to know if Coca-Cola was a healthy drink option... What we discovered will shock you!
Look at the images below, we measured out how many teaspoons of sugar went into a can of coke, a small bottle of coke and a family sized bottle of coke. Each plastic cup contains the amount of sugar that goes into each size. As a class we were amazed at the huge amount of sugar, that can't be good for us!

Can (355 ml) = 9.5 tsp of sugar 
Small Bottle (600 ml) = 16 tsp of sugar 
Large Bottle (1.5 lt) = 40.5 tsp of sugar

Here are our super shocked looking faces...

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